The power of no-code tools

With the rise of no-code tools, we can all be creators. It is faster and much less expensive.

Fernando Dedios
Fernando Dedios
May 12, 2023

As a digital entrepreneur, I've faced many challenges throughout my career, but one of the biggest has always been product development. As a marketing-focused entrepreneur, I've often struggled to bring my ideas to life, and I know I'm not alone in this.

The issue isn't a lack of design skills or an inability to brainstorm ideas. It's that we don't know the programming languages required to create a minimum viable product that meets today's market demands. I have a natural talent for design, whether it's creating interfaces, experiences, messages, or startups, but I always hit a wall when it comes to implementation.

The truth is, we're all creators at heart, but few of us are programmers. And I know what my coder friends will say: "If you want to develop software, pick a language and start studying." My response is always the same: "I've tried that several times, but I can't dedicate so much time to learning one or multiple programming languages." That's why I started looking for alternatives and discovered the no-code movement and its passionate community of software development enthusiasts. I was hooked.

What are No-Code Tools?

No-code refers to all the tools and platforms that allow you to develop software without writing a single line of code, that's right, without knowing any programming language. This means that anyone who wants to design a website, web app, mobile app, or even a chatbot with artificial intelligence can do so without any programming knowledge. You do it by using visual programming, dragging and dropping elements, and creating logic.

No-code has become so powerful that a whole philosophy has emerged around it, along with a growing community of enthusiasts who share their experiences and help each other. Just follow certain Twitter hashtags to see the activity.

The reason is simple: it solves a critical problem by reducing the gap between the high demand for mobile and web applications and the limited number of available programmers on the market.

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What are the benefits?

The benefits of no-code tools are obvious and I would even say that's why they're becoming a game-changer.

For example, if you're an entrepreneur who wants to learn to develop with no-code tools, the learning curve will be much lower. For instance, learning to develop mobile apps in Bubble isn't easy, but it will be more accessible than learning Java or Swift.

Moreover, for an experienced no-code developer, the development time for a project will be much shorter compared to if it was developed with code, making it more cost-effective as well.

That's why no-code is perfect for companies and startups that are developing digital products or minimum viable products (MVPs), because they'll be able to have a fully functional, high-fidelity product at a very reasonable price and in much shorter time frames. If you need any help developing your idea, just reach us, that’s what we do in Next Rocket.

What can be done?

I am amazed at everything that can be developed today with no-code tools, but even more excited about how all of this will continue to evolve over the years. Each week I can find on Twitter a new tool that has come to market and that excites me a lot.

The list of things that can be done with no-code is immense, but here I am trying to put the most representative examples.

  • Responsive web pages with CMS using Webflow
  • A super intelligent chatbot using Octane AI
  • Web apps with Bubble
  • Mobile applications using Adalo or Glide
  • Complex automations with Zapier and Airtable
  • Voice apps using Voiceflow
  • Internal tools and dashboards with Retool
  • Simple landing pages using Carrd
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D experiences with Scapic
  • Learn alongside a large community on MakerPad
  • Dev shop, develop MVPs with Next Rocket

These are just some of the things you can do with no-code tools, this is a new industry that is growing exponentially and surely in a few years we will be able to create more and more things.

What excites me about all of this is the community that is being created around and how no-code can impact Latin American entrepreneurs. I see the future and I see it with optimism.

If you're looking to develop a mobile or web app, at Next Rocket we can help you with the process of launching your first business idea. Contact us :)

Fernando Dedios
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Fernando Dedios

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