No code: the fastest and cheapest way to develop your app idea

Software development services don’t have to be expensive.

Fernando Dedios
Fernando Dedios
May 16, 2023

Are you frustrated with how expensive software development services seem to be? It's not just you. It goes without saying that developing an app idea can be expensive and time-consuming. Many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs feel discouraged since even the simplest apps cost at least $10,000 and take at least four months to produce. But what if we told you there was a faster, cheaper, and personalized option? Introducing, no-code development.

Why Do Software Development Services Cost So Much Money?

Let's examine the costs in order to get why software development services are expensive:

  1. Cost of developers: The salaries of developers play an important part in the entire cost of developing an app. The cost of your app increases because skilled developers are in high demand and can charge hefty salaries.
  2. Project duration: The cost of a project increases with the length of the project. Simple apps take about four months to develop, whereas medium- and complex-level apps may take considerably longer.

No code: The Best Alternative to Build Your App Idea

For companies that are trying to create apps fast and affordably, no-code development platforms have become the go-to option. Here is why:

  1. Faster: No-code platforms streamline the development process, enabling you to develop and release your software in a shorter period of time than with conventional techniques.
  2. Cheaper: You can dramatically cut down on costs by using no-code tools to replace or decrease the requirement for pricey developers.
  3. Customizable features are available on no-code platforms, allowing you the freedom to build the exact app you've always wanted.
  4. Low code: If necessary, Low-code solutions are also available, bridging the gap between no-code simplicity and conventional development, if you need more sophisticated functionality.

How can I develop My App Idea with No-Code?

Do it yourself: Use no-code applications like Webflow, Flutter Flow, or Bubble. Although there is a learning curve, it is time and effort well spent:

  1. Native apps: Create native apps quickly and easily using Flutter Flow.
  2. Web apps: Bubble is ideal for developing web apps without coding.
  3. Websites: Use Webflow to create awesome, responsive websites.

Use no-code development services: If you would rather have a team of skilled developers and designers handle your project, think about using a no-code development service like Next Rocket Studio. You can get a group of experts, including:

  1. Product manager: Manages the project and makes sure everything goes according to plan.
  2. Designer: Produces eye-catching designs that improve user experience.
  3. Bubble developer: Builds your app using the Bubble platform for rapid development.


In summary, no-code development presents a great substitute for traditional software development services. No-code platforms are redefining the way business owners turn their ideas into reality since they provide the possibility of quicker, more affordable, and more customizable app creation. Why not give it a shot and discover how no-code can make your app idea a reality?

Fernando Dedios
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Fernando Dedios

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